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    Craig Team Realty Supports Local!

    Written by Kat Van Ness

    Northern Nevada businesses and makers, we see you! And we would love the opportunity to work with you for some of our upcoming 2021 projects. We love our clients and want to show them our appreciation by partnering with local businesses to provide care packages, gifts, and informational packets – whatever we can do to support them in the process of buying or selling real estate.

    We dedicate ourselves to sending out a variety of items that provide our clients with the utmost value and show them our sincere appreciation. For example, in our packets we include information and checklists to make the moving process easier. Included are inserts from local businesses who offer discounts and specials for our customers. Past examples include information on area restaurants, home security, handymen, arborists, personal trainers, etc.

    In our gift packages, we aspire to offer an assortment of items to show our gratitude and do what we can to add personal touches for each client. For example, some of our past and current items include: scented candles, personalized metal, stone, and woodwork, as well as locally sourced food and drink products.

    That’s where you come in! Instead of ordering online or using a third-party service, we want to support the Northern Nevada businesses that make our area so unique and special. So please share with us what you do, what local services you provide, what crafts you create, what foods you make… We are open to new options and ideas, so if you or anyone you know might be interested in working with us, please contact us today!

    Use this link specifically for responding to this project.

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